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Healthy Weight Protocol

Healthy Weight Protocol, a breakthrough approach to diagnosing and managing weight problems

Hill’s Healthy Weight Protocol is clinically proven to more accurately predict ideal body composition in overweight dogs and cats.

How it works:

Developed and validated in partnership with veterinarians at the University of Tennessee, the Hill’s Healthy Weight Protocol accurately determines ideal weight, body fat percentage, and provides a customized feeding plan. The Hill’s Healthy Weight Protocol is completed in two easy steps using current weight and a few simple body measurements.


Step 1: Weigh the patient and take morphometic body measurements.

Step 2: Use the Hill’s Healthy Weight Protocol e-tool to accurately determine body fat percentage and get a customised feeding plan for your patient.

Use the resources below to accurately measure pets and make a hard conversation easy to ensure healthy weight for a lifetime.

Reference Materials

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HWP is now available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

Visit on your mobile device to download and install the HWP application.