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Find helpful resources for clinics and veterinary students.


Hill’s Veterinary Academy features courses, webinars and other educational materials to help veterinarians, clinic staff and students expand their knowledge and earn CPD hours.

Nutrition is the 5th Vital Assessment, nutrition conversations aren't always easy. That's why AIMVT provides the entire veterinary team with tools to support the conversation and your recommendation.

Funded by an educational grant from Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc., the Minnesota Urolith Center offers free analysis of uroliths and urethral plugs to veterinary healthcare teams. Download the Minnesota Urolith Center submission form. (PDF)
For a faster response, use the online submission form.

Explore how small animal nutrition can be used to manage patients in various disease processes, key nutritional factors, food manufacturing processes, and pet food label requirements.

FEDIAF has produced a nutritional guideline which members follow. This is a comprehensive review of the NRC data and other existing science produced as a practical guide for manufacturers.

The WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee offers expert, evidence-based nutritional information for companion animals to support the veterinary healthcare team.

ISFM is the veterinary division of the charity International Cat Care and provides a worldwide resource for veterinarians on feline medicine and surgery.

FECAVA strives to improve the veterinary care of pets through professional development and works closely with other European veterinary organisations and stakeholders.

Developed by experts in the profession, AAHA guidelines provide cutting-edge information and frequent updates that help veterinary professionals face the demands of a continually shifting industry to ensure pets receive the best possible care.

VIN is a worldwide network, connecting veterinary colleagues with the aim of sharing knowledge and providing the latest updates in veterinary information and news.


Mark Morris Institute's "SACN" has been the authoritative source for pet nutrition information since its first publication in 1983.

Contact our Veterinary Consultation Service to discuss nutritional management, products and to learn about the latest innovations in nutritional therapy.