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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers. (Health Care Team FAQs)

Here's where you'll find a wealth of information commonly requested by consumers of Hill's™ pet foods - everything from company and product information to storage tips and purchasing. Browse the list below and then contact us if you still have questions.

Health Care Team FAQs

How do I determine the Best Before Date code?

Our products are best used by the date shown. Following the recommended "use by" month and year, there is a series of letters and numbers. These indicate the plant of production, date of manufacture, shift, line and time produced. This is followed by the four-digit product code.

What is the shelf life of Hill's™ products?

We guarantee our pet foods to be fresh up to the "use by" date (end of month) on the packaging.

How should Hill's™ products be stored?

Store food in a cool, dry area. Temperatures should not be below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 100 degrees. Dry product should be stored in the original bag. Once canned product is opened it should be covered and refrigerated and may be held for up to seven days.

Special considerations:

  • Hill's Prescription Diet Canine/Feline a/d should be covered and refrigerated for no longer than 36 hours
  • Hill's Prescription Diet Canine n/d should be covered and refrigerated for no longer than two days
  • Hill's Prescription Diet Canine j/d™ should be covered and refrigerated for no longer than five days
How much should a pet be fed?

Feeding guides should be used as a starting point only. Food amounts must be adjusted to an animal's individual needs. For more information about how much to feed your pet, select a product and review our online product reference.

Which Hill's™ Prescription Diet™ foods can be used with Prescription Diet™ Treats?

Please contact our Hill’s Veterinary Consultation Service on 01483 464 641 (UK) or 1800 626 002 (Ireland) for further detail.

If the pet is on a different Hill's™ Prescription Diet™ product, what treats may be fed?

Please contact our Hill’s Veterinary Consultation Service on 01483 464 641 (UK) or 1800 626 002 (Ireland) for further detail.

How many calories are in each Prescription Diet™ Treat?

There are 13 calories per treat. Prescription Diet Hypoallergenic Treats have 17 kcal/Canine treat and 2 kcal/Feline treat.

I am interested in working for Hill's™. Where do I send my resume?

If you’re interested in working for Hill’s™ please contact our Vet Customer Service Team on 01483 464 641 (UK) or 1800 626 002 (Ireland) from 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday for further details on how to apply.

Is the Veterinary Consultation Service available to clients?

No, this free service is only for veterinarians and staff. Your clients can receive customer help on Hill's™ products on 01483 464 641 (UK) or 1800 626 002 (Ireland) from 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday.

How may our hospital staff consult with a veterinarian on a case?

Hill’s™ offers a FREE Veterinary Consultation Service on 01483 464 641 (UK) or 1800 626 002 (Ireland).

How do I order a new key or other literature about your products?

Please contact your Hill’s Sales representative.

Common Questions for Hill's Veterinary Consultation Service

How can I get in touch with the University of Minnesota to check on the status of a urolith analysis?

The Minnesota Urolith Center’s website is and the phone number is 612-625-4221; you need to set up an online account before you can use the website to check the status of a urolith.

How do I find out the correct weight-loss feeding amounts?

The Healthy Weight Protocol online tool can help you calculate the correct target weight for an overweight or obese pet to help you calculate a proper weight-loss feeding amount.

Why doesn’t Hill’s™ offer small sample bags of Prescription Diet™ pet foods?

All Hill’s™ pet foods are 100% guaranteed or your money back, so you can use any size bag as a sample and return it to Hill’s™ (at no cost to you) if the client returns the bag.

How do I get reimbursed for coupons?

There should be an address printed on each coupon to give you information about where to mail it to be reimbursed. When submitting coupons, it’s best to provide your clinic’s full contact information including clinic name, address, and phone number, in case there are any questions.

Where can I get a urolith analysed?

The Minnesota Urolith Center provides free analysis for uroliths. To complete your sample submission, please got to . Full step by steps instructions can be found here

Where can I find a current copy of the Hill’s Key to Clinical Nutrition?

Please visit the Hill’s™ online key for up to date information on our products.

How do I access the Hill’s™ Healthy Weight Protocol tool?

The tool is found here: If you navigate to this site on a mobile device, you can also download the app and use it to calculate pets’ ideal weights.

I forgot my password for Healthy Weight Protocol, what do I do?

Your password for the Healthy Weight Protocol tool is the same as your password; you can reset your password here