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Where great taste and science meet

Taste is the No. 1 purchase driver for pet owners. Hill’s is committed to providing the best tasting, highest quality food, supported by clinical evidence, for optimal care of pets. Extensive improvements have been made in past 3 years to ingredients, appearance, aroma and texture, kibble shape and size, and production processes. As a result, the taste of the majority of Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ products has been significantly improved vs key competitor.

What’s more, Hill’s guarantees 100% satisfaction. Simply put, if your clients aren’t completely satisfied with the taste, quality and consistency of our food, Hill’s will refund their money.

The first proven nutrition for FLUTD with ingredients to control stress

Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC) accounts for 60% of all FLUTD cases and stress is a major risk factor for this highly recurring condition. Hill's is introducing NEW Prescription Diet™ c/d™ Urinary Stress - the first ever clinically proven nutrition for FLUTD with ingredients to control stress.


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